Once upon a time, many of us would sit at our TV’s or computers and play simple games with, let’s face it terrible graphics. Now, with the smartphone and the tablets having great graphics, fantastic screens and more, this is where we spend our time playing games.  Not only that, we can play anywhere we want.  These days, games apps have gotten a little expensive, not just to purchase, but in all the features in-app that require you to spend money, especially if you want to progress through the game. And what about the level you’ve been stuck on forever because it’s just too tricky ?

Image : XmodGames Download Tutorual

XModGames is one of the more popular app installers, giving us access to loads of games that have been modified with extra features. No more will you have to pay for a game or pay for the in-app features that make the game easier to play because XModGames gives it all to us for free. Here’s what else XModGames [ext link] includes:

XModGames Features :

  • Free download and installation
  • Free to use
  • User-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate
  • Works on Android and iOS 
  • Enjoy modified games with premium features for free
  • Great screen recorder facility
  • In-app forum for gaming enthusiasts
  • Graphics enhancer on some content
  • Accelerator on some games
  • Scripts or plugins to help automate some aspects of gameplay
  • Updated regularly by the developers

It’s clear to see that XModGames is full of great features and one of the best is undoubtedly that screen recorder. Not only does it let you screenshot anything on your device, it also records full HD video. If you can’t find a particular game in XModGames it may be that the official developer has refused to allow it, because they say it doesn’t allow fair gameplay for all users.

One more thing; bearing in mind that these are free and modified games, if a developer of a game determines you are using the modified version they may take action in suspending your official account or banning you from ever having one. We will not take responsibility for this and neither will the developers of XModGames.

How to Download XModGames :

You can install XModGames on your iOS or Android device but you won’t get it from either app store. Instead, you will need to follow the tutorials at the linked article below carefully:

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