XBox 720 Release Date Rumour

The next E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo is being held on June 11-13th in Los Angeles and Microsoft, amongst other big names, will be there, occupying booth 4100. A countdown timer to the start of the Expo has been posted by Major Nelson of Xbox LIVE, which has revived rumors that we are about to see the unveiling of the next generation Xbox 720 .

xbox 720-Optimized

The current console has been one of the company’s biggest sellers, with over 70 million units being shipped in 7 years. However, sales are dwindling and it’s getting more difficult for Microsoft to awaken any new interest in it so maybe the time is right for the Xbox 720 to enter the scent.

There are a few rumours that Microsoft will actually unveil the new console before E3 and will use the Expo to showcase the hardware but there isn’t any evidence of this. So, while the Expo is still months away this could be Microsoft’s way of building up an extremely long drumroll with plenty of excitement.  Let’s hope that it does actually end with a bang and not fizzle out into nothing.