Xbox 720, PlayStation 4 To Cost Around $400

A little while back we reported on the rumors of the supposed new XBox 720 and the Sony Play Station 4. At the moment, although a few hints were revealed at CES 2013, gamers are still eagerly awaiting definite news about them. Colin Sebastian, of Baird Equity Research has come out with his predictions about the new games consoles.

play station 4 ps4

He predicts that both the XBox  and the PS4 will cost between $350 and $400, pretty much the same as both of the consoles predecessors when they were released 7 years ago.  He also says that he believes both will contain “off-the-shelf high-end PC hardware”, possibly in the shape of upgraded Intel processors.  This will make it easier for those who enjoy gaming on the PC as well as consoles, because it will mean that one disc will play both platforms, alleviating the need for manufacturers to have to produce 2 different versions of the major titles.

Also, using Intel processors, for Microsoft at least, will make for better integration of Windows 8 software onto the consoles, something that Microsoft has been working towards for  a long time.  Sebastian also says that both consoles should be announced in June, when the E3 Conference takes place, with the PS4 making its debut in October and the XBox 720 in November.

Lets hope that, when they are finally released, they live up to all the hype and consumer expectations.