Worth Ave iPhone 4 Insurance

There are a number of affordable iPhone 4 insurance options available online which gives complete cover for accidental damage of your iPhone 4 . We have already covered a range of iPhone 4 Insurance options in the past . Here is another iPhone insurance company we would like to talk about named Worth Ave . Group .

broken iphone 4-

Worth Ave. Group offers 1-3 years of accidental coverage starting $89 per year. The insurance cost stands at $7.42 per month . Worth Ave’s insurance policy cost more than both SquareTrade and Apple Care, but around $3 less per month than Verizon’s CDMA iPhone 4 Insurance Plan.

Advantages over other iPhone Insurance Plans :

The advantages of Worth Ave. Group includes comprehensive insurance cover against any damage due to spillage , breakage, vandalism and theft for a deductible of $50 . This is approximately $149 less than the deductible required with the AT&T MobileProtect Plan insurance plan. You get Cash , Repairs or Replacement of your iPhone 4 .

The policy can be purchased at any time and there is no limitation of buying the insurance within 30 days of purchase like other insurance plans . The option of purchasing three years of coverage exceeds any of the plans we’ve described by a year.

For details visit worthavegroup.com