Woman offers iPad 2 to Find her a Life Partner

Can you find her a soulmate ? then you can win an iPad 2 or $500 in cash  . Thats right , a Australian woman named Téa Smith is offering a brand new iPad 2 or equivalent amount of money to the person who finds her future husband .

ipad 2 jailbreaking

Desperate to find the love of her life , Tea tweeted about her offer for anyone reading this , who can find her the man of her dreams.

About Téa :

Téa , aged 32, is a marketing consultant from Perth, Australia. She describes herself as 5’7, “chubby looking but ok . “Hot” to some but I don’t believe it. Plays guitar & loves recording . Her interests Music, Neuroscience/Medicine (studying Biomed), design, funky things, pretty things, people watching. Read more about her here .

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