Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak Approved by Microsoft

Microsoft has finally given its seal of approval to ChevronWP7 development team to jailbreak Windows Phone 7 . Chevron is a team of mobile phone developers who are working onĀ jailbreaking the potential of Windows 7 Phone , just like iPhone Dev Team . The devs announced in their blog that soon they would be launching an approved Windows Phone Unlocking Service as part of the ChevronWP7 Labs program .windows phone 7 jailbreak

ChevronWP7 Labs program is in collaboration with Microsoft Windows Phone TeamĀ and will be delivering the unlocking solution for small fee via PayPal unlike iPhone Dev Team who offer their services for Free .

We already knew that Microsoft is open to the idea of jailbreaking and supported jailbreakers , but it’s now clear that they are directly working with 3rd party developers in building up a better Windows Phone .

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