Why You Should buy an iPhone 5

After having used the iPhone 5 for quite a while , here is my opinion of the new iPhone . You can read the entire feature list of the iPhone 5 here along with tips to sell or recycle your old iPhone .

Pros :

  1. Longer screen – means more space for additional display. Useful for reading long list of emails , extra webpage length and less scrolling . A bigger screen was a much-needed hardware change . Post Steve Jobs , Apple did something right .

    iphone 4 vs iphone 5 #Tip : The button in the middle of the screen of iPhone 4 is called Assistive Touch . If you have a broken home button , you can use this feature to operate your iPhone . Link .

  2. Screen Controls within Reach iphone 5 screen size Inspite of the screen being long , it’s still a one hand operation. Apple is right in its claim that the thumb reaches the ends of the screen where there are the controls . They made it longer but not wider under pressure from large screen Samsung competition . Until app developers port old apps , they fit in this new display with some blank space on the top and the bottom , so things still work .
  3. Easy to Grip iphone 5 rear aluminium whiteIts thin and light , and the rear is brushed aluminum which makes it even easier to hold and less slippery . It’s the same as we see on the body of Macbook pro’s and iPads .
  4. Tough – Aluminum at the back means its scratch-less , so you can decide not to have a case . iPhone 5 has already proved itself in the drop test earlier . It has a strong body which you can feel just by holding it .
  5. New USB Cable – The lightning adapter was a wise and a much-needed move from Apple. The any side insert is handy , just like the mag safe adapter on MacBooks. Although for long time iPhone users it makes no diff , as they have learned their way unless you have lots of old accessories which now needs adapters .
  6. Auto Adjustable Display brightness on lock-screen . This is useful is many scenarios , gives your eyes less stress when looking at the lock screen in darkness , but i am not sure which one to quote . Under darkness you can see a faint red light in the sensor left of your ear piece (reminds me the eye of the terminator as if its watching me , not a good feeling ).iphone 5 low light
  7. Headphone jack at the bottom . This means wires don’t go around your hand and less bending when you  hold it . I wonder why they didn’t do it in the first place . Yeah and the headphones are cool too . iphone 5 vs iphone 4 headphones

Cons :

  1. The rear portion is 70% aluminum and 30% plastic on the top and bottom (ok i may not be right with the percentages but you get the idea ). I don’t know if there was any design/manufacturing complication or not , but otherwise it looks ugly on both black and white iPhone 5’s. The entire back made of that material would have looked very good .
  2. Same fake speakers at the bottom iphone 5 speakers
  3. Nano Sim makes compatibility a problem . You have to find a nano sim by contacting your operator ,  cut it yourself or use a nano-sim cutter available on amazon.
  4. With no significant difference in appearance , a non-iphone users cannot tell the difference just by looking at the front of an iPhone 4 , 4S or an iPhone 5
  5. Maps still suck
  6. Mirror finish edges may be liked by some and totally hated by others . iphone 5 edges
  7. SIRI makes not much of a difference except while dictating .  Even the mic icon will not appear everywhere where you have the keyboard.

The Big Question : Is it worth an Upgrade ?

Yes its totally worth it . The Pro’s can defeat the cons any day , because the new iPhone is a more functional product than all previous generation iPhone’s. At an factory unlocked price of $850 for the 16 GB model , i will say this upgrade is worth the money .