Why You Should Buy an iPad Mini

Should I buy an iPad mini or an iPad 2 or iPad 4 ? Why should I choose an iPad at all ? Why not save some money and choose a cheaper Nexus or Tab or Kindle Fire ? Some of you might find these questions running around in your head at the release of the iPad mini, let’s take a look at them to see whether the iPad mini is for you.

Why should you buy an iPad Mini instead of the 2nd or 4th generation iPad ?

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The answer to this is you shouldn’t, not if you feel that a bigger iPad would best serve your needs. However, the iPad mini is made to do exactly the same as the larger models except down-sized for ultimate portability. This will be the main selling point of the 8-inch tablet as travelers with limited luggage space will most likely choose the mini version. As might any person who carries a small bag, only has a pocket or needs a smaller, lighter version to balance on their knees whilst typing during a train journey. The iPad mini is designed to be used however it needs to be and being small allows for ultimate user customization in a great number of different ways.

iPad mini vs ipad 4

Anyone who is still scratching their head and asking, ‘why’, should ignore the mini and buy a full-sized version, because if you can’t think of a use for the iPad mini then you probably don’t have one.

If you are not sure about usability or the screen resolution, for example, you can wait until the iPad mini is available in shops and go into your local computer store and try it out. A light-bulb might go on and you could realize that this the answer to those morning bus journeys where your pen keeps going through the newspaper every time you hit a bump, causing your Sudoku grid to resemble a potholed road.

Basically, this small tablet will not be everyone’s cup of tea, and if you don’t think you’d get on with the smaller screen then don’t worry about it, the iPad 4 will be shipping soon!

Why not choose another make for a Cheaper Price ?

The first question here is: Do you like Apple products? And this means do you like their closed system? If you don’t would you be happy jailbreaking your device? Can you survive without an SD card or USB slot ?

These are crucial questions and they divide the technology world quite severely. Some people will be loyal to Kindle or Samsung and Google because they have more control over their devices. This comes with risks, such as an increased chance of malware and viruses, but for a lot of people the pros outweigh the cons and to have full access to their device’s OS they will run the risks and take the necessary precautions.

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Other people don’t want a device like that. They like the closed system, the absence of error messages and the increased security. Some people want a device that they don’t have to configure or research and this is where the slogan ‘just works’ comes from. Your iPad will work straight out of the box and that is a fact. However, if you prefer Windows operating systems or the Android market that’s fine and it can safely be said that the iPad mini, or any Apple product, is definitely not for you.

So what is you do like Apple, are happy with their system and/or intend to jailbreak ? Why should you choose a bigger, at 8-inches, more expensive tablet than it’s rivals?

Quality is one reason. Some tablet computers with their plastic casings and lagging screens feel and look as cheap as they are. The iPad has an impossibly smooth and user-friendly interface. If you own an iPhone then it’s like that, but bigger. This fact might turn some people off but imagine typing on your iPhone like a laptop, finishing, disconnecting it from the Bluetooth keyboard and then playing Angry Birds on it. Some people like it for that exact reason.

The App Store is a reason that ties into the above one. iPhone doesn’t come preloaded with Microsoft Word, or an equivalent, but it comes with the biggest App Store ever that gives you a range of paid and free apps that will allow you to do whatever you need or want. From unzipping email attachment files to keeping track of expenses to helping those with speech problems communicate.

iPad mini is mainly for portability. If you don’t need this then go for the iPad 2 or 4. If you want to update your eReader then you will benefit from access to both the Kobo and Kindle stores.

What is your reason for buying or wanting the iPad mini ?