White iPhone 4 – Black iPhone 4 Difference

White iPhone 4 is now available in few selected countries . What are the major differences in the White and Black iPhone 4 ? There is no structural difference and no additional software support .  The White iPhone 4 is little thicker than the the black iphone 4 as shown in the image below. Some minor changes to the hardware , but overall the design remains unchanged .

  • white iphone 4 sizeThe white iphone 4 is 200 microns thicker than the iphone 4 black .
  • The antenna flaw has been fixed .
  • Some fixes with proximity sensor
  • Light leakage and camera flash fixed

Update : A teardown of White iPhone 4 reveals that the camera and flash has been changed in the White iPhone 4 . The lens has been sent farther back [image right] as compared to the black iphone 4.

white iphone 4 camera

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