UnTethered and Tethered Jailbreak Difference

If you are a jailbreaker or tried looking for jailbreaking stuff , you must have come across the term untethered – tethered jailbreak. now what does that exactly mean.

Tethered and Untethered Jailbreak Difference :

  • Tethered Jailbreak : Having the jailbreak tethered means you have to connect your jailbroken device with your computer to boot it [turn it on] . Once switched off a tethered phone Cannot be turned ON just by pressing the power switch . This is a limitation of a tethered jailbreak solution .A  tethered device will remain stuck at the Apple Logo screen when you restart it after a power off as shown in the image below .

apple-logo-iphone-4 stuck


When a jailbreak tool is released , usually the tethered version comes first followed by the untethered version as the latter needs more critical coding at the developers part. When teh device is still stuck at the Apple logo you can do the following . Use tools like Redsnow and use the option “Just Boot Tethered Right now” as shown in the image below .

4.3.4 boot tethered redsnow

  • Un-Tethered Jailbreak on the other hand is independent and you can easily turn it on – off by pressing the power button. Nothing more to that . Untethered jailbreak is more convenient as you can carry around your phone without worrying about the device getting switched off due to low power or some other reason that needs restarting your phone .

slide to power off iphone 4 white turn off

I hope that clears many doubts. Please let me know if I missed something above through your comments below and I will be happy to add the detail. If you have any questions to ask , Just post one on the Jailbreak Forum [No Registration Required].

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