Get Weather Info on LockScreen Without Jailbreaking

Here is a lockscreen app for iPhone that brings Weather Information on the “Slide to Unlock” screen of your iPhone iPod Touch . Available on AppStore the “LockScreen Weather” app requires no jailbreaking .

lockscreen information widget - weather info - jailbreak apps

Features :

With LockScreen Weather there is no need to unlock your phone and start-up the weather app . Get updated weather information on your lockscreen with details of weekly weather forecast . Supports tens of thousands of cities around the world with both Fahrenheit (℉) and Celsius (℃) scales supported .

Cons :

This app works by playing a sound file in the background which keeps the application running.  If you play music or any other sound then it disengages the program .

Download :

The LockScreen Wather app is available for $0.99 (link). Make sure you read the user reviews before making the purchase .

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