Wearable Video Camera for iPhone

This wearable camcorder was named “50 Best Inventions for 2012” by TIME Magazine . Looxcie is a small, light, easy-to-wear camcorder system for iPhone that lets you continuously record real-time video without having to press a record button . Just slide it on your ear and Looxcie Video Camera will see what you see .

iphone wearable camera-

Why Wearable Video Camera’s :

View life through your eyes and not your viewfinder . Continuously record everything you see with this innovative wearable camcorder . People buy video camera’s to record special moments , but while using them to record it they miss the spontaneous moments that make those events so special . Using this video camera you can capture everything as you live it, so you’ll never miss those special moments . Buy here .

Why Looxcie Video Camera :

iphone wearable video camera

It keeps on recording whatever you see. You don’t have to press the record button . Just wear it and it will stay on all the time recording every moment . It records 5 hours of video and once the five hour storage capacity is over , new video automatically replaces the oldest video leaving the most recent five hours for you to view, save, edit and share . Press the Instant Clip button and share the last 30 seconds (i.e after it has happened while Looxcie was silently recording everything) instant video clips via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and email . Available on Amazon .

Features 1 : using iPhone Looxcie Moments app (link below)

  • HVGA @ 15 FPS
  • f 2.8 aperture lens
  • Auto color and light correction
  • Codec MPEG 4 video
  • AAC audio
  • 800 kbps bit-rate
  • 5 hrs continuous looping video capture
  • 5 hrs clip storage from captured video (2 GB maximum storage allowed on a iOS device after which it overwrites leaving the recent 5 hours on record )
  • 4 hours battery life

Features 2 : as a standalone device

  • VGA @ 30 FPS without iPhone
  • 4000 kbps bitrate
  • 1 hr record time
  • 2 hrs battery life

Where to Buy :

You can order this wearable video camera on Amazon (direct link) . Install the Looxcie Moments iPhone app from iTunes here and start recording and streaming live video to your friends using social media . With the box you get the video camera , USB power adapter, USB cable, three interchangeable ear buds, storage pouch, and user manual .