Wave Alarm – Snooze Stop Alarm by Waving your Hand

Wave Alarm will allow you to snooze or stop the alarm on your iPhone by just waving your hand over its front facing camera . Silence the alarm without touching it by hand and you can sleep 10 extra minutes . Wave Alarm comes with a nice interface and the brightness can be dim by swiping your fingers up and down the screen . No more fumbling around for your iPhone in the dark just to turn off the alarm , a simple gesture and Wave Alarm utilizing its Motion Control and Detection technology will silence or snooze it for you . Download the Free application below , no jailbreaking required . Motion Detection requires a front facing camera .

wave alarm iphone 4Features :

  1. Real Time Weather information based on location services
  2. Modern clock interface with analog and digital features
  3. 10 alarms tones to choose from
  4. Works in the background (Motion Detection feature requires app runs in the foreground)

Download :

Wave Alarm can be downloaded for Free from iTunes . Link .