Viber makes Iphone to Iphone Calls Free & Easy

Unlike Skype and Fring , Viber app for non-jailbroken iphone 4 don’t require you to login with the app before you can use it . Viber is a free to use VoIP application that has much better sound quality than other VoIP based calls . All you have to do is download this app on your iphone 4 and it runs in the background to make and receive calls from other iphone 4’s with Viber installed in them .

viber free voip calling iphone 4

Just use it as you use your phone’s default call function . Viber will use your existing contact list and show Viber Badge beside any contact that have Viber installed on their device .  Viber makes calling over WiFi, 3G – EDGE easy with no fuss . All local and international calls made from viber to viber are free . Just watch the introductory video below to learn more .

Viber App in action : YouTube Video :

Cons :

  • Viber will send your friends SMS for inviting them to use Viber , which will be charged by your local carrier .
  • Long delivery time in receiving SMS activation code .

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Compatibility :

Viber is compatible to run on iphone 4 on iOS 4.0 and later . Compatible version for ipod touch 4 and ipad is on its way. You don’t need to jailbreak your device to use viber .

Download :

You can download Viber directly from iTunes for free . [Link] . 6 MB download size .

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