Verizon Blocking MyWi Tethering Use on iPhone 4

According to latest reports from various blogs and forums we have come to know that Verizon has started incorporating the  ban on devices which are using jailbreak apps like MyWi or PDANet to tether their CDMA iPhone 4 .


Tethering is the process of using the iPhone as a modem that works like a WiFi HotSpot hence enabling other wi-fi enabled devices like the iPod Touch , iPad and Laptops to connect to the iPhone and access internet (download/upload) via its carrier . This puts a great amount of load on the network services as the devices start pulling huge amount of data wirelessly.

Many iPhone users use this technique to abuse their unlimited data plans . Verizon’s step is to block this method and force users  to opt for a paid tethering plan . Earlier this week AT&T started to put its customers on tiered data plans forcefully without the users consent when it detected and tethering use . Some jailbreak apps like PDANet has claimed to hide tethering use , but it has not been confirmed if any PDANet user was blocked by these operators yet.