Use SIRI to Update your Facebook Status

With SIRI smart assistant you can now update your Facebook status . Follow the steps below to setup SIRI for Facebook .

Steps to Update Facebook Status using SIRI :

  1. Launch and go to Account Settings on top right corner
  2. Select Mobile in the left panel and click on the green “+Add a Phone” icon
  3. Enter your Facebook password
  4. Now you have to Activate Facebook Texts . Enter your country and carrier details facebook siri
  5. SMS the letter F to the number 32665 . Note : Standard SMS charges apply .
  6. You will receive a confirmation SMS with a security code . Enter that in the next screen as shown belowsiri facebook
  7. After confirming your mobile number , you have to open Contacts icon on your iPhone 4S and add the following contact . Name – Facebook , Mobile – 32665 . facebook on siri
  8. After adding that , just ask SIRI to message Facebook “your message” and your message will me sent as a Facebook Update .

Note : Facebook doesn’t charge for this service. Standard messaging rates apply.

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