Use iPhone Flash as Torch Light without any Apps

This is a very simple trick following which you can use the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S camera flash as a torch-light in the dark without installing any app on AppStore or by jailbreaking . The method is simple enough for use in everyday life .

How to Use iPhone Flash as TorchLight:

  1. Launch Camera from Home Screen using the slide up for camera button (introduced in iOS 5) slide up for camera iphone 4S
  2. Now on camera app select Video Mode . By default it is on image mode (see the diagram below)
  3. On the top you will see Auto . Change that to ON .iphone 4s tochlight flashlight
  4. Voila ! your flashlight will turn on . You don’t have to record anything to start using the flash feature . From next time whenever you use the camera in video mode , the flash will light up your dark moments and all these steps above need not be repeated . This becomes a one step process to launch flash  (press power button > slide up for camera > video mode). Ok , not exactly one step .

Things to Remember :

Never use the Flashlight for a long period. This heats up the flash and its surrounding area . Using flash also draws a lot of power from the battery . The camera should automatically turn itself off after sometime to avoid any hardware damage .

This trick is perfectly handy when you can access it directly from the lock-screen. Apple should introduce it as a native feature on iOS in upcoming updates. There are several apps for this in the AppStore and Cydia , but why keep an app running when it’s there by default .

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