Use iPhone and SIRI as Tip Calculator

Next time you visit a restaurant and want to know how much of a tip you should leave, don’t bother fishing the calculator out or trying to download a tip calculator, simply ask Siri.  She will do all the working out for you and tell you exactly what you want to know and very quickly too.

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Siri is your own intelligent personal assistant, one you should never leave home without. If you own an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 then you will have her with you wherever you go.  She understands you perfectly when you talk in natural speech and needs absolutely no voice recognition training whatsoever. And the more you use her the better Siri gets as she starts to understand your dialect and accent even better.

siri tips iphone 5

Anyhow, back to using her as a tip calculator, all you have to do is ask. Say, for example your restaurant bill is $69.29 and the tip percentage is 15%. Say to Siri “what is 15% of $69.29”. She will work it out and display the answer on-screen for you. You can ask her anything – if you wanted to know what 8% of $19 was, simply ask her and she will tell you that the answer is $1.52.

Siri will work on the iPad Retina, iPad Mini and the iPod Touch 5th generation as well as the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.  Obviously for calculating your restaurant tips the iPhone is much easier as it’s not very often you are going to take your iPad with you but Siri is useful for almost anything you need to know and,if she needs more information to answer your question she will ask you for it.

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