Create Disposable – Use and Throw Phone Numbers

Now create disposable mobile phone numbers on your iPhone . Burner app for iPhone allows you to create use-and-throw phone numbers which can be created for a short period by people who prefer a deep layer of privacy. Using this app you can create multiple mobile phone numbers and set its validity for a day, a week, a month, or even longer duration . You can manage all incoming calls, SMS messages, and voice mails for each number . There are many situations where a disposable phone number makes incredible sense, like Craigslist, conferences, sensitive one-time business transactions , social media like Facebook , Twitter , Dating sites etc .

use and throw mobile numbers iphone 4
How it Works :

According the developers of the app , each new mobile number is a separate line within the iPhone that can be redirected to your main mobile number, or go straight to voice mail. You can use it for dating , job searches , short-term projects , side businessĀ  and even forĀ  social media. Maintain your privacy by keeping your original number safe and secret .

Burn the Phone Number after Use :

After you have used the number , you can simply delete its existence by taking it out of service and wiping it from your iPhone . There will be no trace of its existence on your device . Once the number is removes , it is gone forever. If someone calls on that discarded number, an out-of-service message will be played. With an easy to use interface , burner app is a great idea . disposable iphone number

Cons :

  • This number cannot be used for 991 and Emergency Calls .
  • MMS is not supported
  • Not available on Android or other phones
  • Deleted Burner numbers cannot be recovered.
  • For use in US and Canada only.

Download :

Burner app is available only for iPhone users . The app can be downloaded from US and Canada Apple App Store for $1.99 . The cheapest plan you can buy is Mini-burner , which gives you a phone number that lasts for 20 minutes of voice and 60 texts, or 7 days, whichever is earlier. Here is the buy link . Add more minutes to the burner number through In-App Purchases . Burner app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S .