Upgrading to iPhone 5 – Things You Need to Know

So you want to Upgrade to an iPhone 5 ? Good choice ! With the iPhone 5 being declared the fastest and best smart phone on the market today then you can be sure you are getting the best that your hard earned money can buy.

upgrading iphone 5

Although you might have made the decision that an iPhone is the phone you want you might still be worried about other aspects of upgrading, especially if you are changing from a phone or make that you have used and bought for a while.

Here we are going to go through a run down of everything you need to know about changing you phone.

1. Selling your Old phone

To raise money for your new phone you might consider selling it online, via a private sale or even back to the shop you bought it from. Before you sell your phone you will definitely want to wipe off all the data. If you are selling an old iPhone you can learn how to do this here. If you are selling a non-iPhone there are plenty of walk-through available on the internet or if in doubt contact the manufacturer directly.

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2. Exchange

You might decide to trade in your old phone for a discount off your contract. Ensure you follow the link above to wipe off the data and use a website like this , if you are in the UK or US . A lot of phone shops will have a price match guarantee so print off the page detailing your offered price and take it with you to show them if you get offered less. Trading in with a shop is an attractive idea because you won’t have to send your phone anywhere and it can b done instantly, but don’t sell your old device for less than it’s worth and make sure you get the best deal.

Useful Link  : How to get Better Resale Value for your Used iPhone

3. Contract or Pay As You Go or Rolling Contract ?

Both of these choices have pros and cons, although taking out a contract is definitely the more risky option. On pay as you go once you have bought the phone it is yours forever. You pay only want you want to, when you want to and answer to no one . On a contract you get the phone for free, spend a certain amount a month and have your allotted minutes, messages and data allowance. However, a growing number of people are choosing to use apps such as Viber, which offer’s you Free Calls and texts, to cut down on the monthly contract costs although these sort of apps work really well on pay as you go as well.

usa iphone 5 carriers

Another option if you buy the phone outright is to go down to your local provider’s shop and enquire about a rolling contract. A rolling contract will give you a certain amount of minutes, texts and data, just like a normal contract, but because you already own the phone these contracts cost as little as £10 a month and are only for 30 days, meaning you can cancel and only pay for that months usage giving you much greater control.

Unfortunately in the US using a contract provider is the only way to get an iPhone at the moment. Read available iPhone 5 Cellular Providers in the US .

4. iPhone 5 Price & Availability

In the US buying an iPhone from the Apple store is really simple. You choose your colour, memory and contract provider. Prices start from as little as $199 and increase as you add more GB’s . After the $199 16GB you have the $299 32GB and lastly the $399 64GB. Availability on the Apple website is low and shipping is estimated in 3-4 weeks.

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Checking the individual availability of your local Apple Store, Verizon store, AT&T store, Sprint store and C Spire store may yield you better and faster results although be prepared to wait a few days at least before you can pick up your phone.

In the UK the iPhone 5 starts from £529 for 16GB. 32GB goes up to £599 and the 64GB is another £100 on top at £699. That is to buy outright from Apple online or an Apple Store.

On contract the iPhone 5 starts at £94+ for a contract with the contract priced at £37 a month for 24 months. These figures change drastically depending on your provider and using this site should help you choose the best deal for you.

Availability in the UK and Canada on the Apple online Store is the same as the US with shipping in 3-4 weeks, however individual stores might have more stock and calling to enquire and reserve your iPhone will be much better than turning up and hoping for the best.

5. Get a Nano Sim

nano sim adapters iphone 5

Another easy to follow walk through we have is How to create a Nano Sim at Home. This will show you how to turn your ordinary sim into a nano sim for your new iPhone 5. Be warned, though, that it requires a steady hand and ensure you have backed up you data beforehand in case the sim gets corrupted.

6. Transferring your Old Contacts

We have detailed and easy to follow guides on site and all you have to do is follow the link you need :

Follow the instructions and you should have all your contacts on your new phone in no time . That’s it ! This is everything you need to know about upgrading to an iPhone 5 . Enjoy your new phone .