Unlocked iPhone 4 headed for US Apple Stores

Finally Unlocked iPhone 4 will be available in the United States. Apple has been shipping factory unlocked iPhone’s in other countries but not in the United States , leaving the US iPhone user stuck with the only official carrier AT&T . Now the wait is over .

Update : USA Unlocked iPhone 4 Pricing and Availability

usa-iphone 4 unlocked

There is a rumor circulating on Twitter that Unlocked iPhone 4’s might be available from this Wednesday [15th June 2011] , and it would be Officially Unlocked . This means you don’t have to go for software unlock [Ultrasnow] or Gevey Sim based Unlocks .

It will work with any carrier of your choice , both inland and abroad .

Carrier Unlocked iPhone 4 means there will be no subsidy which you get when buying with a 2 year contract . This means the usual starting price of $199 can go as high as $650+ for a factory unlocked iphone 4 . Read more details here .

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