Unlock Your Door with iPhone 4 – Keyless Entry

Lockitron technologies have come up with an application for your iPhone which allow keyless entry to your home with electronically controlled locks that can be operated via the lockitron application on your phone .

unlock door with iphone 4

The Lockitron hardware package is priced at around $295 – 500 and works via the web. Which means you can control your lock from anywhere in the world giving access to someone on the door in your absence , without the need of physical keys  . This system even works with NFC technology , so in case you have a NFC enabled phone [eg. Google Nexus S] you can use it with Lockitron locks .

There are more benefits of having lockitron lock, you can make multiple keys and pass it on to your family members and friends .

Check out Lockitron App in action – YouTube Video :

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