Unlock Off Contract iPhone 5 Tutorial

You’re an AT&T customer and you’ve just bought an iPhone 5 with no contract, but you’d like it unlocked for convenience matters. As you know, you now have the option to get it unlocked for free and in a simple fashion, by just contacting AT&T’s free number and let them do the job. Not too long ago, AT&T accommodated for an even easier and elegant solution by providing an online unlock form for its customers, a model that would take from 5 to 7 working days for the process to be completed. The problem is that we want things done yesterday , so 5 to 7 days is a pain few people will bear happily, not to mention that sometimes you need it unlocked asap for obvious reasons. Are you going to calmly sit and wait for the process’ conclusion ? That’s what we thought, so we provide you an instant way of doing it without any calls, e-mails or even the dreaded 5 to 7 days: Meet the iTunes Restore System !usa-iphone-5-unlocked buy-

Something easy this way comes !

Yes, you read it right: just use the iTunes restore system, which will allow you to bypass the lock immediately, saving you a chunky length of time and patience by doing so. Just remember to make a backup of your contacts and files through iCloud or iTunes as well in case you want to use them back after the reset . Is it done? Fine then, so here’s what you must do:

  1. Plug your iPhone 5 to your machine (Win or Mac, and iTunes 10.7 must be installed)
  2. Start iTunes and then select your AT&T iPhone 5 as soon as it shows on your top left-hand side, just beneath the iTunes Store option.
  3. Select the restore option (Restore button). It will take the app just a few seconds to restore it to its original factory definitions. Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked!


Depending on your internet connection and data size it may take some time though, but then you can hand the task to the iPhone Dev team to do it for you.

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