Unlock iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1.1

iPhone 4S Unlock on iOS 5.1.1 is possible using Gevey Ultra S Sim interposer . Gevey Ultra S is the latest release from Gevey Sim makers who unlocked iPhone 4 . Gevey Ultra S unlocks all GSM based iPhone 4S phones starting iOS 5.0 and older .gevey ultra s iphone 4s unlock

Features :

  • No Jailbreaking required to use Gevey Ultra S
  • Full unlocking for any carrier worldwide
  • Plug and play operation . Instantly unlocks your iPhone 4S
  • No Need to dial 112 unlike the original Gevey Sim interposer
  • Unlocks 2G and 3G voice and data services
  • Buy from Amazon at half the original price with money back guarantee on a non-working product

How to Use Gevey Ultra S for iPhone 4S Unlock :

  1. Take out the sim card holder from your iPhone 4S
  2. Now replace it with your own microsim card (from non official carrier) and the Gevey Ultra S sim holder
  3. Insert the Gevet Ultra S with your SIM Card in your iPhone 4S as shown here . insert-gevey-sim-iphone-4
  4. The No Sim will change to No Service and within a few moments you will see your own carrier with signal bars appear

Buy Gevey Ultra S :

You can directly purchase through one of the Gevey Sim resellers on Amazon for half the original price . Link .

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