Unlock iPhone 4 AT&T Preserving Jailbreak

AT&T official unlock for iPhone 4 works on all factory locked iPhone 4’s but in the processing of unlocking it removes the untethered jailbreak you may have and updates the iOS firmware of your iPhone 4 . This also removes all jailbreak apps and tweaks in the process . To preserve the jailbreak and also unlock your iPhone 4 , follow the exact steps mentioned below . Please note that AT&T should first approve your iPhone IMEI for unlocking , provided you meet the requirements for official unlock .


Steps to Unlock iPhone 4 using AT&T and Preserve Jailbreak :

  1. Contact AT&T and ask them to unlock your iPhone 4 . They will process your request and send you the unlock instructions via email .
  2. Download Redsnow 0.9.10b6b for your Mac and Windows
  3. Launch the application and put the iPhone 4 in DFU mode and connect it with your computer using the USB cable
  4. Redsn0w 0.9.10b6b will now recognize your iPhone 4 . Select the “Jailbreak” option .
  5. In the next screen de-select “Install Cydia” and select “Deactivate” option as shown in the image below . ( Selecting the “Deactivate” option in Redsn0w means that it will deactivate your iPhone 4 and the device will boot with the Connect to iTunesĀ  or Welcome Screen ( on iOS 5.x.x ) needing activation via original or official carrier sim card ) .
    RedSn0w-iPhone 4 Unlock AT&T Deactivate
  6. Redsnow will now process your iPhone 4 for unlocking and run codes on the screen as shown in the image below . Wait for the process to complete and your iPhone 4 to reboot .redsnow running code redsn0w
  7. Launch iTunes . iTunes will now give you this message “Congratulations, your iPhone have been unlock.” confirming that you have successfully unlocked your iPhone 4 .

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