Unlock iOS 5 with Gevey Sim

Gevey Sim unlock works on iOS 5 just as it works on iOS 4 on iPhone 4 . Follow the tutorial here to unlock your iOS 5 firmware installed iPhone 4 with Gevey Sim based unlock . If you plan to buy iPhone 5 , this tutorial may come in handy. Bookmark for future reading by pressing Cltr+D on your browser.

Update : You must first preserve baseband while upgrading to iOS 5 for Gevey Sim to work . Directly upgrading using stock ipsw file will upgrade the baseband and hence Gevey Sim can no longer work . Read the tutorial here .

Steps to Unlock iOS 5 with Gevey Sim :

  1. Buy Genuine Gevey Sim from online stores like Amazon
  2. Remove the micro sim card from sim slot of your locked device
  3. Click on the home button and go to Settings > GeneralĀ  > Network
  4. Now switch off 3G and turn on Cellular Data and Data Roaming as shown in the image belowcellular data iphone 4 3G
  5. Turn off the device using “Slide to Power Off“. Now insert the purchased Gevey Sim with your own service provider [not AT&T sim] . insert-gevey-sim-iphone-4
  6. Turn on your iPhone. You will now see the Welcome Screen as programmed in your gevey card . “Accept” and proceed to next step after reading the instructions .welcome screen gevey iphone 4
  7. After tapping the “Accept” button you will be sent to the homescreen . The iphone will now show “No Service” . Wait for 15 secs till it shows One Signal Bar .
  8. Now launch the phone icon and dial 112 . Wait for 2 seconds and then disconnect the call without ringing . dial 112 gevey sim
  9. Now go to Settings and turn on “Airplane Mode” . You will now see a pop up error message of “No Sim Card Installed” . Accept and turn off Airplane Mode . You should ow see Sim Failure message . Wait for few seconds for full bars to show and the iPhone will be activated for use and unlocked . sim failure iphone 4 whiteiphone 4 activated gevey sim

Dont forget to Bookmark this Page and Buy Genuine Gevey Sim for iPhone 5 Unlock .

Update :

Our users informed us that Apple has blocked iOS 5 unlock with beta 2 update. But you can still unlock iOS 5 if the baseband is preserved to 4.10.01 . Currently iOS 5 beta 2 updates your baseband to 4.11.06 and makes the Gevey Sim inactive .

To Unlock iOS 5 you need to preserve the baseband while updating to iOS 5 . For this use Snowbreeze and create custom iOS 5 ipsw and install it via iTunes . Read the Snowbreeze Technique for details .