Unlock 5 iPhone 4’s using Single AT&T Account

It has been confirmed that AT&T is now allowing the unlock of carrier locked iPhone 4 for those with a valid purchase receipt and an AT&T account . Earlier it was not confirmed as who will be doing the unlock , AT&T or Apple , but later jailbreak app developer Chpwn made it clear that Apple will be doing the unlock . Those locked with the carrier in a 2-year contract have to request an unlock using the Online Chat option or via Phone and AT&T Customer Support will submit a request to Apple for the unlock .

usa-iphone 4 unlocked

How to Unlock iPhone 4 using AT&T : ( 5 iPhone’s Allowed )

  1. You have to connect with AT&T on their customer care website or through phone on 1-800-331-0500 . Read the detailed unlock process explained here .
  2. The unlocking takes 48-72 hours to process . After that you have to connect your iPhone 4 to iTunes and restore . One AT&T customer can unlock 5 iPhone 4’s in a year .
  3. After the unlock is complete you can use the phone with any carrier in USA or abroad . Prior to this policy change AT&T used to directly refuse iPhone unlock requests even for those who completed their two-year contract .

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