Unlock 4.3.5 with Gevey Sim – iPhone 4 Unlock

In this tutorial i will explain how to unlock iphone 4 4.3.5 using gevey sim technique on baseband 04.10.01 , which requires no jailbreaking . Gevey Sim is a circuit which sits between your micro sim card and the phone by sliding in your sim slot as shown in the image below .

The black square which you see here is the (IC) integrated circuit which is programmed to unlock iPhone 4 following the unlock procedure explained in details below .

gevey sim pro new

Follow the steps to unlock iphone 4 on iso 4.3.5 using Gevey Turbo Sim :

  1. Buy Gevey Sim from Amazon .
  2. Remove the sim card you have from your iPhone 4
  3. Browse to Settings > General > Network and turn off your 3G . Put Cellular Data and Data Roaming On. cellular data iphone 4 3G
  4. Make sure the iphone is turned off . Use Slide to Power Off as shown here . slide to power off iphone 4 white turn off
  5. Insert the sim card with the Gevey Sim as shown here . Make sure the sim has properly been fit inside the gevey sim and there is no loose contacts .  insert gevey sim iphone 4
  6. Now switch on your iPhone 4 . You should see a welcome screen as below . Accept it and proceed to next step .welcome screen gevey iphone 4
  7. You will now see the No Service message . Ignore it and move to the dialer on your iPhone 4 .
  8. When you see the one signal bar appearing on your phone , immediately dial 112 and disconnect the call after 2 seconds . dial 112 gevey sim
  9. Now go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode . Wait till the No Sim Card Installed Message appears . Now turn off the Airplane Mode .no-sim-card-installed-iphone 4 gevey
  10. After turning off the Airplane Mode you will see a Sim Failure Message . This is perfectly normal and the unlock method is working . sim failure iphone 4 white
  11. Your iPhone 4 will now unlock automatically and you will see full signal bars . Congrats , your iphone is now activated for use with any carrier of your choice .iphone 4 activated gevey sim

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