Unlock 4.3.3 with Gevey Sim – iPhone 4 Unlock

iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3.3 version can be carrier unlocked using Gevey Sim which requires no jailbreaking. Unlocking iPhone 4 4.3.3 with Gevey Sim is a simple technique which requires no technical know-how or even a computer to operate the unlock . This method works to unlock all basebands up to 04.10.01 .

Follow the Steps below to Unlock iPhone 4 on 4.3.3 :

  1. Buy Gevey Sim from Amazon
  2. Remove any existing sim card from your carrier locked iphone 4
  3. Go to Home Screen and open Setting > General > Network
  4. Turn off 3G and turn on Cellular Data and Data Roaming (as shown below) cellular data iphone 4 3G
  5. Now turn off your iPhone 4 and insert the Gevey Sim with your own micro sim card into the device . insert gevey sim iphone 4
  6. Turn on your phone . This time you must be greeted with a Welcome Screen as shown below . Follow the instructions and proceed by clicking on “Accept” button . This screen may differ from the one shown below based on the manufacturer of the gevey sim .welcome screen gevey iphone 4
  7. After accepting the welcome menu , you will go to the home screen. The iPhone 4 will now show “No Service“. It is normal to show this message . The process is not over yet .
  8. Go to the phone icon and wait for one signal bar to appear . Then dial 112 . Disconnect the call in 2 seconds . dial 112 gevey sim
  9. After you have dialed and disconnected the call on 112 , go to Airplane Mode and turn it on . Wait for “No Sim Installed” message . Then flip back and turn it off again . no-sim-card-installed-iphone 4 gevey
  10. You should see “Sim Failure” message now . This means the unlock method is working . Wait for few seconds more and you will be able to see full signal bars .
  11. iphone 4 activated gevey simYour iPhone 4 is now unlocked and activated to work with any carrier of your choice. 

Note that if you loose signal , you have to redo the entire unlocking process starting Step 1 . So it is a good idea to bookmark this page on your browser by pressing CLTR+D .

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