Ultrasn0w Fixer 4.3.1 – Ultrasnow Unlock iPhone 4

Good news for iPhone users on iOS 4.3.1 jailbroken . You can now use Ultrasn0w 1.2 and unlock your iPhone on iOS 4.3.1 firmware [original preserved baseband] . iPhone Developers Djayb6 has released Ultrasn0w Fixer jailbreak tweak in Cydia that allows you to Carrier Unlock your iPhone 3GS using the current version of Ultrasnow 1.2 . You need to install Ultrasnow 1.2 first . Follow this tutorial to Install UltraSn0w 1.2 on iOS 4.3.1. After having installed Ultrasnow , follow the steps below to install the fixer which will then unlock your iphone on the following basebands 01.59.00 – 04.26.08 – 05.11.07 – 05.12.01 – 05.13.04 – 06.15.00 .

Important : Ultrasnow Fixer is required for Iphone users who used PwnageTool to jailbreak 4.3.1 . Snowbreeze 2.4 already fixed the Ultrasnow issue . If you have used PwnageTool method to jailbreak your phone, this tutorial will help you unlock your phone .

Steps to Install Ultrasn0w Fixer for iOS 4.3.1 :

  1. Launch Cydia , Tap on Manage Tab and add the following source
    4.3.1 unlock iphone 3GS (2)
  2. After the sourcse is successfully added , Cydia will download the package installation files on your deviceĀ  . Make sure you are properly connected to the internet on WiFi or 3G . 4.3.1 unlock iphone 3GS (1)
  3. After the package is added , goto Search and type UltraSn0w Fixer as shown in the image below. Note the “0” zero in Ultrasn0w Fixer . Tap the results in the search page as shown below and the fixer will be installed on your phone .
  4. 4.3.1 unlock iphone (4)4.3.1 unlock iphone 3GS (3)Your device will be now carrier unlocked .

Please let us know if you face any trouble following the above tutorial . Post all your questions in the Jailbreak Forum.