It would appear that the time has come to start looking around for alternative ways to install the content we gotten used to with jailbreaks. We haven’t seen an iPhone or iPad jailbreak for a while now and so many users can’t access Cydia anymore, missing out on the content that they have used for so many years. Today, TutuApp installer comes to the rescue, providing us with a way to download some of our favorite tweaks, games, and apps without the need to jailbreak our iOS devices.

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What is TutuApp VIP Installer ?

As the name suggests, it is an app installer but, unlike the ones that have come before, it gives us access to a much wider range of content, including tweaks and apps that you can only get in Cydia as well as a whole range of paid and premium content. All of this is yours for free, without having to provide your Apple ID or without having to jailbreak. Here’s what you get with TutuApp VIP [ext link].

TutuApp VIP Features :

  • All content in TutuApp is free as is the app installer itself
  • All content is kept updated with all the latest developer updates
  • New content is added daily, expanding the app base beyond any other installer 
  • High-speed app downloads
  • Built-in cache cleaner and a memory optimizer
  • All the paid and premium content you could ever want 
  • Optimized for all models of the iPad and iPhone, and for the desktop
  • Simple installation instructions
  • Can be easily deleted

Download TutuApp :

TutuApp VIP Installer is a very welcome release in the days of few jailbreaks. With the amount of content that you can access in it, all without having to install Cydia first, makes it one of the most comprehensive installers of its type and makes it the perfect choice for those who are already jailbroken and want a bit more, those who can’t jailbreak and those who just don’t want to. The only minus to TutuApp is that, right now, it can only be downloaded in Chinese but this may change with a future update. We have, however, drawn up a full tutorial on how to download it so, provided you follow it properly, you can’t go wrong.

Are you prepared to have a go at using TutuApp VIP Installer or are you holding out in the hopes of a new jailbreak? Tell us in the comments box below and follow us on Facebook for more news and updates.



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