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Over the last few months, a series of app installers have been released to try and take the place of Cydia, in the absence of jailbreaks that can be used by everyone. The latest and best is called Tutu App [ext link] and it is home to by far the most number of Cydia [ext link] Only tweaks and apps as well as the most comprehensive level of paid content for free. These are apps that you would normally have to pay for through the iOS app store or would need to jailbreak to get but now, you can get them without a jailbreak.

Image : TutuApp Helper Download

TutuApp VIP [ext link] is not an app you will find in the iOS store but it is safe to use and easy to download. You need to install a configuration profile onto your iOS device by using TutuApp Helper and we’ re going to show you how as well as how to solve any problems that may arise along the way.

How to Download TutuApp Helper :

  1. Launch Safari and go to this link [ Tutu Helper – Ext Link ] 
  2. Wait for the page to load and scan over the information about TutuApp Helper. Then click on Install [ this installs the required configuration profile to your iPhone or iPad ]
  3. Next, your Settings app will open automatically to the Install Profile page so click on Install and type your passcode in if needed 
  4. Wait for Safari to open and then tap on Install TutuApp
  5. Click Install to confirm your actions
  6. Settings opens again, tap on Install
  7. Tap on Next > Install
  8. Now click Done and wait for the installation to finish
  9. TutuApp VIP app installer is now ready to be used 

How to Fix TutuApp VIP Errors :

While most users manage to use TutuApp without any trouble, there are a couple of errors that you may be unlucky enough to come up against. However, don’t worry, because these are both very easy to fix; here are the details:

  1. Profile Installation Failed – All the information you need is detailed in the linked article
  2. Sometimes and app that you install through TutuApp will not work; this is a certificate error that is easy to get around – open Settings > General > Profile and Device Management and find the certificate for the app that isn’t working. Click Trust, come out of settings and try again; the app should work 

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