Turn iPhone 4 into a Network Camera

You can turn your iPod Touch 4 iPad 2 and iPhone 4 as a Network Camera to keep a watch on your house from anywhere . You can use it as a Nanny cam, Surveillance camera, Baby cam, Security and Entrance camera, Spy cam, Car anti-theft camera, Property protection cam, Network camera, Webcam, etc and access the live video feed on your iPhone 4 iPod touch or iPad . It can also be viewed from any computer connected to the web.

iphone 4 spy camera There are two ways of doing it . Either you use apps like  iPCam Pro , iCam app, iPCam , Camster Pro 2 available in App Store that will keep relaying the video continuously or use Facetime Auto-Answer App which requires jailbreaking .

iPCam Pro :

Installing iPCam pro was easiest of all . It can be used to monitor any location with the WiFi network . The connection is must faster and practically no settings is required . The idevice starts broadcasting the video right away . Open the ips address of the device as assigned by your wi-fi router and start monitoring. You can also record videos and email them . iPCam Pro comes with Motion Sensing . Download from iTunes Link for $7.99 . Also available in Installous .

iphone facetime camera surveillance iPCam is an easy to set up Live Camera application for your iPhone 4 which can start relaying live video footage with the tap of a button . Works just like iPCam Pro with the option to view the cam from anywhere in the world using external IP address not available in the Pro version . Download from iTunes for $2.99 . iTunes Link .

iCam is from the makers of iPCam which can also use your computers webcam as a relaying camera for the live video feed . Check out the video description below. To work with iCam , you have to install the iCam app in your iPhone and iCam source found in the developers site on your computer with webcam attached .This works for both mac and windows computers. Downlaod from iTunes for $4.99. iTunes Link .

Camster Pro 2 works just like CamsterPro and installs on your iDevice . Watch the live video on multiple iOS devices and computers simultaneously . This camera can also record 48 hrs of video [depending on the available memory space on iphone 4].  This app is pricey at $19.99 . iTunes Link . You have to get additional CameraViewer & Recorder to see the video on your other iOS device $2.99 РiTunes Link . You can try the less expensive New York street camera viewer and check out how this thing functions before buying. iTunes Link .

Recommended : Facetime AutoAnswer App for $4.99 . Requires jailbreaking . Setup Mac for Facetime Surveillance .

Note that using the device for facetime draws a lot of battery and will heat up the device quickly when used over a long period .

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