Tune your Guitar using iPhone – Top 5 Guitar Tuning Apps

Tuner Tool – Free in the App Store

Tuner tool is one of the best guitar tuning apps available on the App Store for Free . It comes with extras including a recording and uploading feature to share your music with other users and give and get feedback on yours and others work. It is one of the top tested guitar tuning apps we came across .

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Guitar Tuner – Free on the App Store

This is the simplest Guitar Tuner app you will find. You tap a chord, it plays it and you play the same chord on your guitar to see if they match up. Simple as that! The settings menu has a lot of different chord choices to choose from including: Drop D, Open C, Open G Minor, Half Step Down, Drop C Distortion, Double Drop D and New Standard.

The app offers nothing more than a simple tuning tool and no fancy extras makes this perfect for someone who wants an easy to use, no hassle app.

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Gibson Learn and Master with Studio Share – Free on the App Store

This is the polar opposite to Guitar Tuner. This app not only offers you a comprehensive tuning app but also built-in guitar lessons and a recording studio.

The tuner can be used one of two ways. The first allows you to play your guitar and any iOS device with an inbuilt microphone will pick up the note, whatever it is, and show you on the scale whether you are in tune, or how far out you are. The second way works as Guitar Tuner does, and is perfect for those with a device that has no microphone, by playing you the sound and allowing you to manually check the similarity between it?s note and your own. Play your guitar next to your device and let the app guess the chord, or adjust it manually if it can’t. Keep playing until the tuning circle turns green.

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n-Track Tuner – Free on the App Store

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This app provides excellent visual for those who need to tune their guitar, bass or other string instrument. The app tells you the chord, whether you need to lower or increase the string?s pitch. It features a spectrum analyzer of the notes played and shows a small arrow to highlight the harmonic whose pitch the tuner is following. It features manual tuning as well for those who prefer it.

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Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Built for the acoustic rather than electric members of the guitar family, this app is as simple as Guitar Tuner. It shows the strings, which you have to press down firmly on and will play the chord. You tune you guitar manually whilst listening to the app. It has the option to change to 1/2 Step Down and Drop D.

This app with it?s simple interface makes for a perfect on the go tuner for those who play the acoustic guitar

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