Transferring Files to iPhone 4 without Jailbreaking

Files can be easily transferred to iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 and iPad using easy to use free tools available on the internet . Below are few of these tools reviewed for you .

iFunBox : iFunBox File Manager for iPhone 4 allows you to transfer and manage files on your device connected via USB. You can use ut as a   high-speed storage device . Transfer Movies and Music to your iPhone 4 iPod Touch and iPad .

iFunBox can also be used to install .ipa files from Installous, access iPhone Ringtones and install Cydia Apps . All in an easy to use interface .

Download iFunBox .

DiskAid : DiskAid is another tool available both on Mac and Windows which allows you to transfer files between your computer and iPhone also giving access to your text messages , notes, call history,camera roll etc .

Download DiskAid