Track your Data Usage on iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Smart Phones have become an essential part of your lives . We use it for making calls , text messages , access internet and connect with our friends online . The phone remains connected to the internet and sends us push notifications whenever we have an incoming messaage [email,facebook,twitter etc] . This keeps the device always online connected via WiFi and 3G. So it becomes important that we keep a check on how much data is being used, when you are running on a limited data plan .

data usage iphone 4-Optimized

DataMan App monitors and keeps record of your data usage based on daily , weekly and monthly usage . You can keep a note of the data usage statistics and track the internet activities consume maximum bandwidth .

Some Key Features of DataMan :

  • You can set a threshhold to block further usage when a certain limit has been reached , hence avoiding any excess blilling .
  • It reminds you of how much data has been used and how much is left in current billing cycle .
  • Export data usage to your computer

Available in App Store for $1.99 .