Track and Monitor Hurricane Irene on iPhone 4

Here are some iPhone and iPad apps to track and monitor the status of Hurricane iRene that is going to affect parts of US . Use your iPhone 4 to have the information that you need to keep your family safe from effects of this hurricane and stay updated about its movements . Dont forget to share using the links below .

hurricane irene iphone 4

Free iPhone Apps to Monitor Hurricanes :

  1. Weather Quickie gives a quick forecast to anyone who needs to know whats coming . GIves severe alerts and GPS based notifications. iTunes Link
  2. NOAA or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration gives direct details of hurricanes and storms . Get the latest updates about mainland storms, including the latest tornado and severe thunderstorm alerts, tsunami on your iPhone 4 . iTunes Link
  3. iHurricane HD is another hurricane tracking app for iPhone iPod Touch and iPad . iTunes Link
  4. Hurricane Forecaster is another free hurricane tracking app for iPhone 4 which sends live data to update you about current hurricane movements in your region. iTunes Link

Paid iPhone Apps to Monitor and Track Hurricanes :

  1. Weather HD gives high-definition weather display in your area with regular updates . You can check out the weather details on your iPhone or iPad. See the current and forecast weather in stunning high-definition videos. Available on AppStore for $0.99 . iTunes Link
  2. Hurricane gives the ultimate hurricane tracking experience for the iPhone . This app sends detailed video updates provided by experts at iTunes Link

Check Live Updates of Hurricane Irene :

The live updates can be seen in this site . Below is a screenshot taken on Sunday 28th August 9:00 am Central Standard Time US – Canada .

hurricane irene

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