Torrent Application for Iphone 4

Apple App Store has approved a torrent client for iPhone 4 iPod touch . Apple has been rejecting bittorent clients in the past die to infringement of copyrights and piracy issues, but strangely this app was approved by App Store.



Developer Derek Kepner named this app IS Drive which is available now at the App Store for $4.99. IS Drive uses Image Shack Drive, which is a paid torrentā€based service for downloading large-small files over the distributed torrent network . Users can search and download torrents directly to their idevice using this app from . Search torrent from sites like piratebay or mininova . Till now we only used to have torrent clients in Cydia [Jack Torrent].

# Tip : How to Download Movies from Torrents

Please note that you need iPhone or iPod touch 4 with iOS 4.0.1 and above to download and use this torrent .

Latest Update : We got the recent tweet update from the developer of this app. He says Apple may have noticed the potential use of the app and will take it of the App Store . So bad news for you guys, those who have already downloaded it , you got lucky .