Top Sports Headphones for your iPhone 5

The sound quality offered by an iPod or an iPhone is hardly matched by phones nowadays. One can think of only a couple of Samsung and HTC models that offer sound as crisp and clear as the iPhone or iPod. But there is a bitter disappointment when you just got your iPhone, and you’re simply stuck with the incredibly popular pair of white headphones. If you’re at all an audiophile, you’re bound to suffer a little. Not because they’re that bad, but because you can feel the potential in the hardware itself, and feel limited by what the headphones can do. Okay, they’re great if you don’t really care about sound quality, or you can feel the subtle differences between different tones. But then again, if you can push it forward, why wouldn’t you ?

Image below : Bose SIE2i Sports Headphones

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Picking a decent pair of iPhone headphones isn’t all that simple of a task – you have to consider a bundle of aspects – from form factor, sound quality, personal quirks and so on. We’ll go through a couple of models, and point out their pluses and minuses, so you’ll at least know where to start when picking a pair. Dont forget to check out our Fitness Apps to go along with these sporty devices for the ultimate Fitness Training .

1. Jabra Sport

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As the name suggests, these pair of headphones were made for running (not walking). However, the biggest issue with most headphones is that they come with wires and that becomes incredibly annoying when you want to run or you want to take advantage of an afternoon at the gym. Let’s part away from the cables a bit, and discuss this particular model. They’re built for use when running, and they come with ear hooks, making them a bit more stable than your usual pair of headphones. Nevertheless, the hooks can be a little chunky so you might want to take a second look at them. Nevertheless, the sound tops a series of sports headphones, and that makes them worth giving another chance – consider that this particular sound quality has been squeezed through a Bluetooth signal, so it will never be at the same height as wired signal.

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2. Sennheiser PMX 680i & X series performance headphones

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Since we were in the sports headphones area, it would seem fair to discuss at least one of Sennheiser’s offers – the PMX 680i series aren’t sadly the best Sennheiser has to offer – especially in terms of comfort. Everything is quite bulky about them, including the volume control. They don’t disappoint when it comes to sound quality, but given it’s a wired pair, you shouldn’t expect anything less from Sennhieser. There’s one note however – bass reproduction could be better. CX series have far more to offer, however they tend to be quite an unfortunate choice for pairing with your hours at the gym.

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Other Sennheiser X Series Headphones : Images

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3. Klipsch S5i Rugged

Still in the sports headphones neighborhood we’re discussing a little bit about a pair of rugged headphones, which perform a lot better than expected. Not to mention that compared to the other two options listed above, these are far more comfortable and far well-build. Now, when we say rugged you shouldn’t expect they will sustain any kind of damaged – these certainly aren’t the most rugged-looking headphones. But then again if you’re looking for a good pair of headphones to pair with your exercising, you might give them a shot.

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