Apple Removes Claim of Mac being Virus Safe

Apple has silently removed the Virus Safe claim on MAC OSX operating system from appstore after the outbreak of FlashBack botnet and LuckyCat Trojan in April this year . Mac OSX that is based on a Unix-based graphical interface operating systems , comes pre-loaded on all iMac’s and Macbook’s . Apple has claimed a proud reputation for protecting its user base from the danger of viruses and malicious intrusion. OSX marketed and sold by Apple Inc. OS X runs exclusively on Macintosh computers and is known as a premium brand worldwide.mac anti virus download

Apple removed the previous statement “It doesn’t get PC viruses” and replaced it with “It’s built to be safe,” and “Safeguard your data. By doing nothing” with “Safety. Built in” . According to a statement from Senior technology consultant Graham Cluley at SOPHOS , Apple has started to take MAC OSX security seriously . SOPHOS is a U.S. based computer security software maker .

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Microsoft security researcher Matt Oh said that as the popularity of computer operating systems like Mac OSX increase, more and more computer hackers will be keen to exploit it and develop viruses and trojans . They may even develop multi-purpose malware’s that can hit both PC and Mac’s and void the traditional Apple adverts that claim the extra layer of safety on Mac’s .

With the increased use of the web the situation has become even worse, often with Apple users pointing their fingers and laughing. However, as time has gone on, the tables are beginning to turn, and the ill-prepared Apple users of the world are finding their virus-free experience much less so .

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