Top Jailbreak Apps for iPhone 4S – 2012

Here the are the Top iPhone 4S apps for year 2012 . If you want to read about more jailbreak apps , visit of App Reviews section here . Any app related question (installation , download , usage) can be asked in the forum which offers 24×7 help to new jailbreak users . Make sure you have jailbroken your iPhone 4S and installed Cydia to download these awesome apps . Add these Cydia repositories for more apps (both free and paid) .



For usability one of the very best apps has to be IntelliScreenX. This app allows you to really utilize every inch of you iPhone – something I’m frankly disappointed Apple didn’t do themselves.
This app works by changing the drop down menu on the phone. You can access settings, RSS feeds for Facebook and Twitter and add multiple pages for ultimate usability. The price is $9.99 but you get a free trial and the extra tweak; Messages+.



Not the most exciting of tweaks, but certainly one of the most useful. This nifty little app allows you to delete apps downloaded via Cydia on your iPhone in the same way you would delete an App Store app. Annoying to have to download a separate app for something so basic but a must have if you like keeping your device tidy. Download information here .

Springtomize 2

springtomize iphone 4s download

For anyone who loves everything! This tweak brings you a collection of favorite tweaks be it themes and animations for you device or ones for your dock and status bar . Springtomize integrates several Cydia tweaks into one simple and easy to use Cydia app . With this app you can customize the Statusbar, folders, dock, app labels and much more . If you could only choose one tweak to show why people Jailbreak it would be this one .


iphone 5 backup apps

Despite this tweak coming with a hefty $8 price tag this is one of those that if you don’t download at some point you’re going to regret it. PkgBackUp allows you to use Dropbox to back up all your Jailbreak apps, and secrets for a quick easy back up at any time. There is an alternative app called AptBackup which does jailbreak app backup for Free , but with fewer features .


Fly away on your Zephyr with this handy multi-touch tweak. If you’re a Mac or iPad user then you will know what we mean! Use multi-touch on your iPhone to allow quick scrolling through apps, access the app switcher and more !

International Locations for Siri

iphone siri download-Optimized

As with the very first tweak listed on here, International locations for Siri is something that should not have been left down to the Jailbreakers and something Apple should have developed themselves. This allows every iPhone user who happens NOT to live in the USA to search for nearby places and Siri will even tell you how to get there. If you’re interested in trying out this Siri tweak , you can find it on Cydia under the BigBoss repo for just $0.99.


SBSettings-iPhone 5 download

This one is a great tweak. Apple laid the settings menu out nicely… Except  that everything is tucked away in folders and sub folders and sometimes it can take ages for you to find what you want. SBSettings takes away the fuss and allows to you access your settings in a totally customizable way. One you try it you won’t know how you survive before . Download Link . (SBSettings is using Serious Theme here , which is an addon and needs to be installed separately to get this interface ).


A simple, no-nonsense tweak that allows an infinite number of apps to be stored on your dock to be scrolled though at your leisure. Short and sweet. If you want more dock related apps , download the Famous Five homescreen applications .


Got that nice photo of your kiddies as your iPhone background ? Got a whopping great Facebook app over their faces ? This tweak literally allows you to shrink the size of your icons and is perfect for those who like to keep things tidy. Decrease the size by changing the value of “Shrink Percentage” .

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