Top iPhone Problems and Fixes – July 2012

Here are the Top iPhone Jailbreak Problems and Fixes of July 2012 . These questions were posted in the Jailbreak Forum by Non-Members without any registrations . The problems listed here are related to jailbreaking and unlockingĀ  iPhone 4S , iPhone 4 , iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G . You can also find problems related to iPod Touch and iPad all latest versions .

top iphone 4 problems

Top Jailbreak Genius :

  1. Adolfo
  2. Ramana
  3. Mike
  4. Fred Quimby
  5. Jake

Top iPhone Problems :

  1. How to Verify iPhone is Unlocked
  2. App Icons Reappear after Deletion
  3. Restore Deleted SMS on iPhone
  4. Find iTunes Backup Location
  5. iPhone Shuts Down when Unplugged
  6. How to Reset iPhone 4S
  7. Secure Jailbroken iPhone
  8. No Response from SIRI Fix
  9. Cydia cannot find Repository
  10. Absinthe Stopped Working

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