Top iPhone 5 Problems and Solutions

Every new device that makes an appearance comes with its fair share of problems. Some are hardware, some software and some are problems with the firmware.  Whatever the fault is its going to spoil your enjoyment of the product you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on.  Despite the build-up and the expectations of it being something really special, the iPhone 5 is no different.  Here we are going to take a look at some of the more common problems that people have reported and the solutions.

1. Apple Maps

The most obvious one. Apple’s decision to drop Google Maps from iOS 6 and replace it with their own version came back to haunt them in a big way.  Shortly after release the complaints started flooding in – the app was incomplete, it was giving wrong directions, some places had been moved, on a couple of occasions to a completely different country and some had disappeared altogether.

ios 6 maps error

Solution :

There is no fix for the Maps App so all you can do is delete it and download one of the alternatives like Bing, Waze, MapQuest, Nokia Maps or the new Google Maps for iOS 6.

2. Easy To Scratch 

There have been quite a few reports of the iPhone 5 scratching very easily. Some have even received their brand new phone already scratched. Apple says that, because the body of the phone is made from aluminum, a very soft metal, it will scratch easily if not looked after.

Solution :

If your new iPhone 5 is delivered to you already scratched, get it replaced. Other than that, the only way around this problem is to buy a case.

3. Purple Haze : Despite the camera on the iPhone 5 being touted as one of its best features some people have reported a purple haze appearing on their photos.


Solution :

If it is the sapphire crystal lens as some people think it may be, there is very little to be done. What has been suggested is that you change the angle of the camera to stop bright light entering the lens; shield the lens with your hand or buy an accessory such as the CamHoodie.

4. Light Leakage : A few reports have been received of a small amount of light leaking from the power connector port. Oddly enough, this only seems to be on the white model.  It can only be seen when it is dark or in low light.


Take your iPhone to your nearest Apple store; demonstrate the problem and they will replace it for you.

5. Rattles : Some are complaining that their phone rattles, as if there is a screw loose inside.  It would appear that, in their hurry to keep up with the huge demand, Apple sent some phones out with the battery not properly secured in.

Solution :

Take it to your nearest Apple store, they will either fix the battery or replace the phone.

6.Screen Flicker : Intermittent screen flicker seems to be a common problem. It usually appears on the virtual keyboard in the App store and although it is only minor it is nonetheless irritating.

Solution :

Unfortunately, as this is a software issue there is nothing to be done except wait for the next iOS update.

7. Incorrect date and time : There have been many reports about this problem, with time being out by anything from a few minutes to several hours and the date wrong by several days.  Some say it could a LTE problem as most of the complaints have come from customers on Verizon.

Solution :

Speak to your carrier in the first instance; some customers who have done this have reported that the problem has disappeared. Failing that, try switching from automatic to manual update, switch off LTE or reset the phone.  It’s not looking like an Apple issue so don’t take the phone back to a store.

8. Unresponsive touchscreen : Some reports have come in that the touchscreen sometimes drops input or the screen goes completely blank. Others have complained that the touchscreen responds to gestures that haven’t been made.


This could be either hardware or firmware related so, if you don’t want to do a reset or complete restore then take it to your nearest Apple store for replacement.

9. No SIM Installed Error : This normally happens when the SIM card is first installed into the phone.


Restart the phone by pressing the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time, if the problem persists take it to your nearest Apple store.

10. Wi-Fi issues : This seems to only be affecting the iPhone and iOS 6 users and is due to modifications the Wi-Fi protocol. It causes lost or intermittent connections.


This should have been fixed by the latest iOS 6 update. If not, try switching encryption from WPA2 to WPA or downgrade the router firmware.

11. Battery Consumption – Reports are coming in that battery consumption is extremely high, some losing half or more of their battery life when the phone is on standby.

iphone 5 low battery


Reset the phone. If this doesn’t work, check your signal strength – poor signals increase the activity of the phone, thus decreasing the battery life. Disable or turn off anything that is not needed on a permanent basis such as LTE or 3G if your area is not covered; SIRI, Bluetooth, app tracking, and unnecessary notifications, Skype or Tom-Tom for example. As a last resort, restore the phone.

12.   SIRI – Some people are reporting that SIRI seems to be getting a bit confused and is giving out incorrect information or is not working at all.

Solution :

Restart or Reboot the phone. If this doesn’t work reset the network settings. Do this by going into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.  You will have to re-enter your passcode at this point If the problem persists you can either wait for the next iOS update or do a complete restore of your iPhone 5.

So there you have it, some of the more common problems that are being experienced by iPhone users across the globe.  Most issues can be fixed by either returning the phone to an Apple store or by carrying out a complete restore through iTunes – if you have to resort to this method, don’t forget to back up your data first.