Top iPhone 5 Photography Apps

For those budding photographers out there this is a run down of 6 free photography apps that will enhance your photo taking experience on the new iPhone 5 .

iphone 5 photography apps-

1. Photosynth

This is a unique, quirky app for devices (running 4.2 or later) that not only allows the user to make a panorama scene in the traditional ‘long’ way. this app lets you take photos up and down and to the side to create a really awesome, 3D effect scene. Imagine the artistic ways you could use this.

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2. BeFunky Photo Editor

If you are running 4.0 or later than you can take advantage of this image editor that, as the title suggests, makes your everyday pictures into a funky photo. With over 25 effects and a huge number of frames to choose from you can really personalize a favorite photo or send cool pictures to your friends.

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3. Fotolr Photo Studio

An app for devices running an iOS of 3.0 or later, that can be used by amateurs and professionals alike. This app doesn’t just add a filter to your pictures but always cropping, resizing, ‘acne removal’, collages as well as your standard effects. An app that really lets you customize your picture and perfect it.

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4. Pixlr-o-matic

With over 2 million combinations of effects and borders this app is a true gem. With such a wide range of choice this app can help you to create a picture with more than just a bog-standard effect on it. The ‘randomize’ feature will help minds become more creative as they see random effects being added onto their photos. This app works on devices running 4.0 or later.

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5. Instagram

The app that caused a photo revolution. No one is safe from this old style apps pictures as they saturate social media. With over 15 million users, regular people and celebrities alike, this app is huge and growing all the time. It takes a photo and allows the user to add-on a vintage style filter. Add a few of these into a collage and you a pretty impressive looking computer background or profile picture.

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6. Adobe Photoshop Express

Unfortunately this is not a phone sized version of the full Photoshop but it’s as near as it gets with the ability to take photos, edit them and upload them this is a mini portable studio for a photographer of any level. This app has options for brightness, contrast, crop, straighten and noise reduction.

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A perfect little app for editors on the go ! Download and Share .