Top iPhone Expense Tracking Apps

When it comes to money it is not hard to lose track of where you’ve bought what and how much you’ve spent. I can’t be the only one who wonders how on earth their pay check lasts them only a few days before it’s vanished into thin air, seemingly. However much it appears that way thought it is impossible for our money to just disappear. We spend it, a lot, and all the time without even realizing.

To help you manage and keep track of your spending, maybe just for your records or because you want to modify it, we are going to take a look at the top five apps for tracking your expenses.

1: iClaimIt

expense tracking apps iphone 5

When you load up an expense app you can be overwhelmed with the choices, tabs and information displayed on the screen. iClaimIt is so beautifully simple compared to other apps. The load up screen shows you different options, rather than having all the information on one page, and gives you options to view expenses, add expense, export expenses, view mileage, add mileage and export mileage. Although this app doesn’t have a huge amount of range compared to some others it has the minimum that you would need if you were self-employed. It has the ability to take a photo of your receipt, an excellent back up for your tax return.

Free on the App Store . Link

2: Visual Budget

money tracking app iphone 5

The complete opposite of iClaimIt this app throws every option at you one the man screen and although it may seem a little overwhelming at first, it is actually fully comprehensive. It comes preloaded with a sample account but clicking on the Account tab at the top of the screen will enable you to load up a blank expense sheet. The sample one can be edited though if you want to practice before starting your own. This app is great for those who are self-employed or just looking to keep a close eye on their budget.

Free on the App Store. Link

3: iXpenselt Lite

An app that comes complete with everything you’ll need to keep your budget and spending in order. The app can look a bit confusing to begin with but viewing their online help (found in-app under the settings tab) will give you a thorough overview of the app’s full potential.

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It has a lot of features, too many to go into here, to make the app as user-friendly and as quick to use as possible.
It has the ability to photograph your receipts and all your expense sheets can be converted to PDF and sent via WiFi or email to yourself or a third-party. Definitely made for people on the go.

Free version on the App Store. Link

4: Expense Tracker

expense tracker finance app for students

Even more simple than iClaimIt. This app has two options, add your income and add expense. Absolutely spot on for people who want simple, easy budget keeping. Perfect to see where your money is going and a great way to see where you can make cutbacks.

$2.99 on the App Store . Link

5: Toshl

iphone 5 finance app

With cute little monsters telling you how to use the app this one is a definite winner. This mid-range app lets you add and tag your spending, add your income and plan a budget. The interface is smooth and friendly. If you are looking will something slightly more features than Expense Tracker, more personal than iClaimIt and less business like then Visual Budget and iXpenselt Lite then this is definitely the right app for you.

Free on the App Store. Link