Top iPhone 5 Cases – Available Online

Having a case for an iPhone is less of a fashion statement nowadays and more of a necessity. A Nokia 3310 (with or without a case) could be dropped from several stories up and would probably break the floor, rather than its screen. But, now with the screen being the very essence of our phones, as well the increased prices of smartphones, buying the right case to protect them becomes the highest priority.

Just because cases are so necessary, however, does not mean they have to be unsightly, ugly or bulky. A simple bumper around the edge of an iPhone can protect the screen from that nasty looking concrete floor and will not take any extra space in your pocket.

So depending on whether you need a case to be your wallet or one that is near-on indestructible check out this list of the top ten iPhone 5 cases.

1. CandyShell


CandyShell style cases are the most commonly used protective covers for iPhones due to their durability, lightweight design and their minimum bulk. These cases come in a huge array of colors and styles to suit the user’s needs. Some have a foldable bottom to allow for docking, others are ridged with rubber for extra grip and others have pockets at the back for credit cards and money.

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2. Bamboo iPhone 5 Cases

These unusual cases are perfect if you want your iPhone to stand out from the crowd. They are beautiful and intricately designed, but they are not for more butter-fingered of iPhone owners owing to their fragility. They will protect form minor bumps and scrapes but will not last long if they are being dropped on the floor too often.

best bamboo case for iPhone 5

As a secondary phone case these are perfect to spice up the phone a little, but they are not suitable for ultimate protection.

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3. OtterBox Defender Series

These cases come with the tagline ‘made for adventure’ and that is wonderful for people who will be taking their iPhone 5 everywhere with them including hiking, camping, cycling and fishing, to name but a few activities that could pose a threat to the safety of the iPhone.

iphone 5 cases otter box

However, this case is bulky and is not something that will fit easily into a clutch bag. Otterbox cases offer fantastic protection, they include a screen protector and belt clip, which makes this case a real utility, but if you are one of those ‘front pocket’ types of people then this case won’t be for you. The unique back designs of the case definitely add some sparkle to replace what it takes away from the natural beauty of the phone.

defender_series_features iphone 5 cases

Available in Camo/Pink, Camo/Orange, Blue/Green, Grey/Pink, Ocean Blue/Night Blue, Orange/Grey, Purple/Violet and White/Grey.

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4 . Urban Armor Gear

best iphone 5 case

These cases are more compact than OtterBox and much less bulky. Great if you take your phone into potentially harmful situations, or are just clumsy with it, these will offer more piece of mind than a CandyShell case but won’t be as extreme as an OtterBox. These cases offer easy access to all the buttons and ports without the need to press through the case. Overall this is an excellent case for the safety conscious iPhone 5 user.

urban armour colours iphone 5 case

Available in Black, White, Moss, Plasma, Rust and Slate . Purchase Link .

5. Wallet Card Case

Coming away for the adventure side of things and into the practical. This case doubles as a wallet for men or women. It is able to carry up to three credit cards plus cash in the pocket at the back of the phone. Usable as a day-to-day wallet of only when there is little room in a bag or handbag. Especially perfect when carrying a bag isn’t an option and everything needs to fit conveniently into one pocket.

iphone 5 leather case

This case a lay flat screen guard to ensure maximum screen protection. Made with soft-touch rubber and premium fabric to create a sleek, stylish and elegant design.

Available in Black, Green, White and Pink. Purchase Link .