Top iPhone 4 Problems – September 2011 Week 1

Here we bring you the Top iPhone 4 Problems of the week . You can also ask your question in our Jailbreak Forum without having to register. Just leave your email and we will contact you with the solution . All questions below were posted by non-registered members .

top iphone 4 problems

Top iPhone Problems :

  1. How to use iTunes after Jailbreak – Things to do and Not to do
  2. Will Unlocked iPhone 4 get locked after upgrade on iTunes
  3. How to Copy Music from Shared iTunes Library
  4. Using Temporary Carrier Unlocked iPhone 4
  5. Facetime Not Working for International Calls
  6. Jailbreak iPhone 4 to download Medical Apps
  7. iPhone 4 Cannot Sync with iTunes after Jailbreak
  8. Welcome Screen not followed by Sim Settings Menu
  9. Can i Safely Jailbreak Factory Unlocked iPhone 4 ?
  10. Gevey Sim stuck in Micro Sim Slot
  11. Unlock Iphone 4 without Jailbreak
  12. How to Know iPhone 4 is Factory unlocked or Jailbroken ?
  13. iPhone 4 Not Charging – USB device not recognized
  14. Cancelling Contract with Carrier on Locked Iphone 4 ?
  15. Swap IMEI Locked Iphone 4 in United Kingdom
  16. Resize memory Partition on iPhone 4
  17. Gevey Sim Works the Stops Working
  18. How to know iPhone 4 is Jailbroken
  19. Opening PDF File on iPhone 4
  20. How to Upgrade to iOS 5.0

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