Top Iphone 4 Problems – February 2011 Week 1

January 2011 was the month we received the highest number of questions , and it was the month I went out on a vacation which means a lot of pending queries , most of them unanswered . But thanks to our Top Experts , we were able to solve most of the iPhone 4 3GS 3G Ipod Touch 4 3G 2G and Ipad Problems in our Free to All Q&A Forum . You can be a Top Expert too , just answer the maximum number of questions and top the list which is updated every month.

top iphone 4 problemsPlease Note that the Forum is not a place to ask your personal problems like Jobs , Education , Business , Relations etc . Only ask your questions related Apple Products , Jailbreaking & Unlocking and General Problems and Advice . You can also Leave your Feedback using the Contact Form . I will be happy to receive your suggestions and criticism .

Below are few of the Top Iphone 4 Problems posted by our Readers :

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