Top iPhone 4 Fitness Apps for Daily Workout

iMapMyFitness app uses your iPhone’s inbuilt GPS to track your outdoor fitness activities and show it on a map. It keeps a log of your last 10 routes which you used for regular walking , jogging or running . The app will mark out your path along an interactive map and record / show essential metrics in realtime like total duration, distance covered and speed . We tried out the app ourself and found it really useful [screenshots below].

fitness app iphone 4-

Download :

iMapMyFitness is available for download in iTunes for Free . iTunes Link . Also available on Android .

Nike Training :

This app comes with a lot of useful videos for workout targeting specific areas of your body . Developed by Nike professional trainers the app comes with over 60 custom-built workout video tutorials . This app can be used along with iMapMyFitness app for best results . Since there is no requirement for having a GPS , it can be used with your iPod Touch aswell .

exercise app for iphone 4-

Download :

This is a large download of file size 488 MB containing lots of videos . Download Nike Training app for Free from iTunes .

Try out these apps and let us know how it helped to manage your daily workout regime. Share this post if you liked it .