Top Installous Alternative

Few days back , we heard about the unannounced closure of Hackulous, which also means the end of the highly popular cr@ckd app downloader, Installous.  However, while it was one of the quickest and safest ways to download cr@ckd apps, it certainly wasn’t the only one of its kind.

Here we look at the Top 3 Best Installous Alternatives:

vShare or App vv:


This is one of the more popular alternatives which is easy to use and the IPA files can be downloaded directly rather than on hosting sites, meaning no long waits and no CAPTCHA images to input.  All apps are installed automatically. Unfortunately it is mostly in Chinese but locating desired apps is not difficult. Simply tap on the magnifying glass, type in your search request and install the one you want.  There is a YouTube video by spidermanwee415 showing how to install vShare and it can be downloaded by adding http:// repocydia. com in Cydia.



Installous had its fair share of problems so many turned to AppCake. One of the better alternatives it has been created in English although the interface is very similar to vShare. Apps are easy to find as they are listed by category and popularity and you do not need AppSync to install or run apps.  Its one downfall, similar to Installous is that all the cr@cked IPA’s are hosted on file sharing sites, meaning long waits for downloads. And, possibly even more annoying, it’s full of ads.  Again, available from Cydia at http:// cydia.iphonecake. com.



Installous 5 was not really compatible with iOS 6 so a lot of users went over to iFunbox as a file sharing solution.  It has a brand new UI making the user experience much easier and, as well as apps, you can also manage all of your other media.  Apps are easy to locate as they have been categorized and, although iFunbox claims you don’t need a jailbroken device, this is only true if you are paying for your apps. Cr@cked apps still require AppSync and that is only available for jailbroken devices.

That’s it, the top 3 best alternatives to Installous. Just one word of caution – users download cr@cked apps at entirely their own risk and take full responsibility for any damage that may be caused by them.  If you do find an app that you like please support the developer by paying for it.